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Do you know that it takes around 35 hrs to 40 hrs to manage one social media channel?
And if you are thinking for continous engagement and good spike in KPI’s then probably around 45 to 50hrs to effectively manage just one channel. Surprised!!!!

Yes, Social media takes a lot of time than you imagine. I always get to see people wondering about “8 tweets & few interactions” why so long time.

Do you realize that when you get a option of saying or writing something, you tend to take longer time to write, why so?????? Writing absolutely ensures that you say something that you really meant and you have a logical thinking done and you are able to justify.

When writing content for Social Media, you got to say Right things, Absolutely makes sense to the reader, Right approach, Words that makes impact, Words that are highly ranked from Search perspective, Target audience who are writing for… Gee!! So much to take care before you write that 140 or 200 words…

The scary part: Social media daily interaction never ever ends. Why doesn’t it end? Because you are communicating and interacting in Social Media that creates relationships to achieve your business goals and it is like sales effort, you continue to chase. Talking to Critical Mass and Engaging with Influencers has to be fostered everyday in Social Media.

Bottom Line – Social media will take more time than you think but is well worth the investment in order to build relationships that achieve business goals. Start Spending Sufficient Time in Social Media!!!

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