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As a CEO, You always wonder about which inbound marketing would work best for your business!! With the limited time & budget, You want some marketing to start rolling and add value to your top line.

The most common dilemma comes between are Social Media and SEO. They both have their own benefits and priorities. If you understand the differences and value additions, you would able to choose the right marketing approach for your marketing campaign. SEO and Social Media compliments each other and goes well along the way. Ideally, both marketing techniques are needed for successful online marketing

If you have budget constraints, It is better to do one marketing well and start the other during the maturity phase of the first marketing.

Some highlights on SEO and Social Media, according to your nature of the business and current marketing strategy, try to pick the right one for you.

  • SEO drives organic traffic to your website and fill up your top funnel
  • Social Media can create unique learning experience with your potential customers by engaging in interactions
  • Social Media focuses more on conversations and generates quality leads, hence the prospects coming from Social Media might have the higher rate of conversion
  • Both SEO and Social Media relies on creating Great and Unique Content
  • If your customer knows what exactly he is looking for then he might probably search in Google and hence SEO can bring him directly to your website.
  • If you are software product companyand your product do not have a brand yet, the best bet is go for social media and build your brand and generate leads, may be in phase 2 go for SEO..

    • If you are into B2B business, Social Media would be better choice for you. 60% B2B business got leads from Linked Marketing. 65% of B2B organizations have acquired a customer using B2B Marketing
    • Social Media is focused on relationship marketing so if your marketing strategy is more of building trust and relationship with your prospects then Social Media is the way to go
    • If you are in the business for long and your competitors are getting found in Google Search engines then SEO is first to start for you
    • SEO would be Mars: cold, rocky, and technical. Social media would be Venus: passionate, energetic, and inspirational
    • Social Media can provide opportunity for One on One interaction with customers. There is no better way to hear where your customers stand.
    • Over 90% of information searches begin with Google so if your business needs to be found by search then SEO is the option.
    • If you have an internet company, you’ll likely need a good mix of both. If you sell advertising space, you’ll definitely need to focus on SEO & Content as advertisers want to see a steady increase in traffic.
    • When it comes to maximizing the visibility of local businesses, twice as many consumers rely on search engines. This statistic holds true for all kinds of local businesses, from professional service companies to establishments such as restaurants and bars.

Readers: If you run a mid-size business, what marketing technique would you venture upon or invested already?

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