June 25th, 2012 | author: | category: facebook Marketing.

I know everyone is wondering about new Facebook timeline Business Page & Promotion Strategy. I have simplified in 10 steps to get started and change to your new timeline today.

The changes are more strategical than technical. If you have fan page say “welcome page”, it can still it stay in the new timeline. The difference is the “Gate” concept that exists in the current version is not longer exists. You can not force some one to see the “Promotional Page and ask them to Click to see the content”. In the new timeline, a visitor can see the content without Liking your page.

I believe the new timeline will bring more genuine fans who are interested in the business as there is no “Gating” to divert them and ask them to Like. Good for the Business.So pay lot of attention to the 7 top artifacts of the fan page that any visitor first sees.

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