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Gone are the days, when Facebook was just a social networking website. These days, it sells like a hotcake and people are enthusiastically taking advantage of this effective communication platform. So, being an entrepreneur if you are ignoring this social media platform, you are definitely missing a big piece of cake.

What Facebook Ads Have To Offer Businesses?

From expanding your customer base to improving your visibility and ultimately shaping your bottom line, Facebook ads have a lot to offer. With this, you not only get a good opportunity to effectively communicate with your clients and prospects, but also the flexibility of promoting your products and services. But before you put your first step-on in this major task, there are a few things that you should always consider. Let’s have a look at these.

How Images Are More Powerful Than Text?

Simple words are not as effective as an attractive image, when specifically considering facebook marketing. So, an advertisement must include some eye catching images and, you may never know, this tactic may help you drive hefty traffic to your page. The images that you insert should be able to reach audiences more directly than your words and should be able to convey your attitude to the text written.

Landing On Business Pages

All the business pages that you create on Facebook are wholly-solely meant for marketing and not socializing. So, these pages should be designed in a way that they convey your corporate message appropriately and expedite advertising. Or else, the advertisement should direct the navigator to the timeline or offers, so as to drive more traffic to your page. In addition to this, all the information displayed on these pages including contact details, coupons, deals, discount offers should be placed accurately so that it can target the audience.

Call For Action…

If you do not want to waste your marketing efforts, then make sure you have some strong call for action elements in your Facebook Ads page. Some effective phrases for your call for action elements like “Join Here” or “Click Here To Buy” can help in driving audience to buy your products.

Cost Per Click & Click Per Impressions

Biggest advantage of advertising on facebook is that it offers options like Click Per 1000 Impressions & Cost Per Click and being aware of some bidding strategies helps you maximize your ROI. But most importantly, your ad campaign must have a clear target audience and you must have a good backup for these campaigns to keep them working effectively.


After running your facebook ads for a while, the very next step is to analyze the data to keep a check on how you can further target the ad campaigns. So, you can start with analyzing clicks by age bucket, clicks by demographic, ads by purchase leads, CTRs’ etc.

So, keep these strategies in mind before you set up with your ads on Facebook.

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