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This topic is important to discuss today as many of you are in B2B business and wondering and innovating marketing strategies every day and every moment.

How long is the sales cycles for B2B? A long process and involves multiple cycles and mostly multiple stakeholders & influencers for a single sale.

I often hear “Building relationship” and what I mostly unheard is “Nurture Relationship”.

CXO’s need to focus more on Nurturing relationship and convert them to direct sale or a referral point, remember everyone you are in connect is a catalyst for your products/services.

  1. Constant Communication with your prospects
  2. Engage them often (trust me, they are in listening mode, it is ok if they do not acknowledge the message)
  3. Educating them continuously
  4. Update your innovations
  5. Talk about your latest customer delightness
  6. Listen to them as well (They may have their own clients)
  7. Remember, even if he is not buying, he might refer others
  8. Continuously build your brand (Brand Building Strategy)
  9. Do a free market research
  10. Create white papers and publish
  11. Create video’s and demo and share
  12. Publish the offline campaign programs
  13. Share the current testimonials
  14. Share the webinars
  15. Thought leadership experiences as blogs
  16. Share your awesome customer support stories
  17. Ask the current customers for referrals
  18. Publish your road map
  19. If it is a dead lead, continue to nurture them (without too much of your effort) I see the sale considered dead are sometimes picks up…
  20. Do not be too pushy of your stuff but ensure that you are creating desire

Stay focused and continuity is important.

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