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When it comes to a business, one thing that is really important is, knowing your customers well. But is that enough? Well, with marketers being hands-on with various marketing tactics to upgrade their businesses, it becomes mandatory for you to be proactive, as well. Let’s see how Pinterest marketing can help you.

What is PINTEREST & Why Do You Need It?

These days, multimedia and multiple social networks are providing plethora of choices to entrepreneurs and the freedom to market their business successfully, be it email marketing, any facebook campaign or any other paid online campaign. Pinterest is a flourishing visual oriented social network that allows marketers to promote their product with a creative approach. Pinterest Marketing can also assist you in upgrading your marketing strategies.

How To Start With Pinterest?

Before you start up with any other approach on Pinterest, here are the two most important things that you need do in first place.

  • Sign Up Your Company In First Place: When all your content is ready in Pinterest, the first thing that needs to be done is to get your organization set-up with an account. But as you sign up, it is important to keep your business account and your social account separate. So, the best way is to use your Twitter account credentials to sign in.
  • Content Distribution Strategy: If you have some good amount of photos to be shared, do not post them all together. Trickle few of them every day in a way that it keeps up the interest of other users.

What All You Need To Pin???

Once you have the idea about how to deal with the content and the photos, next is to understand what important things you can pin on your page. Let’s see what all you can pin.

  • Pin Your “How To” Videos: If you upload your product videos in YouTube, then pining it to Pinterest is very easy and fruitful too. Previously, it was essential to have your video in YouTube to have it linked in Pinterest, but now the feature to directly upload the video on their website is available.
  • Pin A Button: For the users to make sharing content easy, you can add “Pin” button to the pages along with some catchy photos and videos. This is an easy way to make users follow you.

How To Structure Your Pin Board?

This may not sound important to some, but actually having Pin Boards on your page can direct huge amount of traffic. Have a look at these ideas.

  • Products Board: Sharing your products on Pinboard is itself a good marketing strategy. The moment you pin them, hundreds of users will start sharing them, thus making your products popular in the market.
  • Events Board: You can pin all your monthly or annual events and can highlight attendees to earn more popularity as a brand. This way people associated with that event, other attendees and speakers will automatically start sourcing the marketing aspect.
  • Target Board: For your target audience, this kind of, marketing strategy can prove very productive. You can create unique pin boards for different groups and aim at your targeted audience for better results.

How to Create A Marketing Strategy With Pinterest?

Starting from generic conversations on threads to cross promotions, here are a few tips that can smooth the progress of marketing for your products

  • Follow people on Pinterest: Just like Twitter, Facebook and other social networking websites, following people on Pinterest is very easy. You can follow user’s boards or people even if they are not following you back.
  • Generate Leads Here: The best part is that you can sign up using your Facebook or Twitter account and can easily find all your friends who are already using Pinterest. Following people and posts can help you in generating leads for your business.
  • “Behind the Scene” Strategy: Some companies reveal “behind the scene” activities and share photos and information, in order to promote the brand online. This also allows your employees to be publicly noticed in company website, which is admired by most of them.
  • Participating In Conversations: Commenting on your photos, tracking all the comments and actively participating in these threads is again very effective in Pinterest marketing.
  • Cross Promotion: Without violating any terms of use, you can always choose to cross promote your brand on Pinterest, as a part of your marketing strategy. For all your online contests on Facebook or other pages, you can ask people to pin images to Pinterest.

You can simply try these tactics for Pinterest marketing and discover variety of opportunities for promoting your business as a brand effectively. So, what are you waiting for? Go! Get started now!!!

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